Digital Edition Plugin

Digital Edition Plugin



  • Create a new Edition On the Dashboard, choose “Digital Editions > Add New Digital Edition Post.” This is the master page, and “View Post” will lead you to the main page for the edition, molded to your permalink setup.
  • Fill in the required fields
    • Splash image — The “cover” or first page of the edition
    • Introduction — The second page, more customizable because it allows use of the TinyMCE content editor
    • Anchor image — Second-to-last page, works just like the splash image
    • Colophon — The last page, works just like the introduction
  • Add content to the Edition Check a “Digital Edition” to pull from on the right side of the page. Navigate to your Posts and edit a post. On the right side of the edit post page, similar to the Category checkbox list, a “Digital Editions” box will be available. Check the corresponding Digital Edition. Multiple editions can be checked. To edit these, navigate to “Digital Editions > Digital Editions” in the Dashboard. Repetitive? Yes. Just trust me.


  • Advertisers/Sponsors Three full-page ad placements are allowed, and these will rotate between every eight pages of content. Upload them to the appropriate field on the Digital Edition Post page. These are not linked because if they were, swiping would be broken on every navigation away from an ad.
  • Advertiser/Sponsor Icons These however, are linked. Three icons can rest in the top right corner of the header. Please note size constraints as documented in the meta box
  • Header color Make every edition unique with a special header background. Must be dark enough to support light text (although I may roll a feature to support light backgrounds later)
  • About Say a few words and niceties. Appears when you click the Info icon, “© YEAR SITENAME” automatically appended to the end (may roll a feature to toggle this)


  • Post Formats This plugin makes proficient use of them, so I highly recommend you use them when creating posts.
  • Get the Image Though not required, Justin Tadlock’s Get the Image plugin is supported and makes working with setting featured images a lot easier

Sample Content


Bundle multimedia packages quickly and intuitively without editing previous content – posts, images, videos can be added to a combined edition just by selecting a category. Target devices are mobile and tablet, as navigation between edition items requires touch/swipe, although the same effect can be achieved on desktop with click-and-drag.

The backend for each edition allows for a custom header color, brief summary text, intro, and colophon, in addition to a splash and anchor image. Plus, two spots for advertisers in the top left and three full page ads. The idea was as simple as possible.


Last year, my college paper wanted to publish a special digital edition to accompany a wrap-up of the basketball team’s championship run. That version was incredibly verbose, managed through WordPress on a separate site, populated by a JSON query, and then exported to a static HTML file. Needless to say, this was not efficient or easy to duplicate for future editions, so I revamped it this year.

Unfortunately, the Kansan did not make any use of this new version, so I’m open-sourcing it in hopes that it’ll be put to good use.


This plugin is licensed under GPLv2, but it incorporates elements from other frameworks and libraries.

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